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The Pool /Patio

SOFA HOUSE Delray Beach, Florida. 



Onyx Plaster, Sun Shelf

An onyx pool (also known as a BLACK pool) shimmers in the sun like a turquoise jewel. Depth of water starts at 3.5 feet and gets deeper to depths of 5.5 feet. Pool is heated in the cooler months to take the chill out. 

Pool Spa


The Pool Spa comfortably sits 5 people, and it is raised, so it is easier to get in and out of the spa vs a ground-level spa. 


Outdoor Shower

Solar Warmed

Our outdoor shower is surrounded by a beautiful, tropical landscape and river rocks. There is a small tank which warms the water by the sun, which takes the chill out of the water. You can also adjust it to cool water.

Hanging Bed

Max 400 lbs

Perfect for 2 adults or up to 400 pounds. This is sure to make you fall asleep. Mosquito net. 

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