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Extra Sheets and Pillows:

All extra sheets and pillows are located in the bedroom closets, and are sized to the beds of the rooms they are in to make finding a good fit easier for you. Please find the perfect blanket and pillow if the ones set up for you on the beds aren't to your liking. Sometimes you need a thinner blanket, sometimes a firmer pillow. This is ok!


-bath towels

-hand towels

-wash cloths

-pool towel

-hair dye towels (the black ones)

-smaller hair or gym towels


All towels are found in the master bathroom closet, as well as in the hallway closet right outside of the second bathroom. 

Bathroom items:

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash are included and sometimes bonus items as well. 

Toilet Paper (one roll per day worth in each bathroom). 

Kitchen/Laundry Disposable Items:

-1 pack of 6 paper towel rolls

-1 full bottle of new kitchen dish soap

-New Sponges per guest

-several pods of dishwasher soap

-Laundry detergent

-Fabric softener

-Dryer sheets

General House Cleaning items:

-Broom and dust pan

-Mop and bucket

-Various cleaning agents found under the kitchen sink.

Printer Paper, pens, notepads: 

These items if you need them are found in the Astronomy (iMac) room in the closet in the white drawers.

The Workout/Yoga Room: 

-Eliptical machine

-Squat rack

-Weight bench


-Kettle bells

-Yoga mats

-Yoga block

-jump rope

-push-up floor handles

-Smart TV

Kitchen: (service for 6 BUT enough for more)

-Utensils and cutlery

-Fully-loaded knife block

-both wooden and plastic cutting boards

-Electric can opener


-Hot Water kettle

-Coffee maker

-Avocado tool

-rolling pin

-stand mixer

-hand mixer

-immersion blender

-porcelain dishes and bowls

-melamine dinnerware (do not microwave, these are provided so you do not have to worry about breaking plates and bowls outside by the pool or patio, and are lighter and easier to serve simple meals on). 

-wine glasses


-daiquiri glasses

-beverage/water glasses

-plastic beverage glasses

-to-go reusable cups for beverages

-Pots and pans, baking pans, cupcake pans, cake pans, stock pot. Paella pan. 

Beach Items:

-We have 2 beach chairs and 1 umbrella to borrow for the beach.

-Many other items, too long to list. Feel free to ask if there is a specific item you are curious about or may need.  

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